‘Yellowstone’ Brings More Family Drama + Powerful New Enemies

Yellowstone Season 2 continued airing on CBS on Sunday night (Nov. 5), with episodes 2 and 3 bringing more Dutton family drama and two powerful new enemies into the mix.

Episode 2 is titled “New Beginnings,” and it opens with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) beginning to recover after the medical emergency that ended Episode 1.

Highlights of the episode include:

  • Beth (Kelly Reilly) begins to buy up the land around the ranch to protect it from development.
  • Monica (Kelsey Asbille) starts to build a new life for her and Tate (Brecken Merrill) that does not include Kayce (Luke Grimes), but a chance encounter stirs unresolved emotions for both of them.
  • John proposes a new role for Kayce on the ranch, which pushes Rip (Cole Hauser) into a lesser role.
  • Rip comes to blows with both Walker (Ryan Bingham) and Kayce.

Episode 3 of Yellowstone‘s Season 2 is titled “The Reek of Desperation,” and it opens with Kayce clearly uncomfortable in his new role overseeing the ranch.

  • Jamie (Wes Bentley) struggles with his campaign as he finds out John and Beth have enlisted someone to run against him, and he has a difficult decision to make when Chairman Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) offers to fund his campaign.
  • Rainwater and Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) sign the deal for their new development, but a new problem emerges in the form of two formidable new enemies. The Beck Brothers hold a lot of concentrated power in Montana, and they pledge to oppose Jenkins’ plans unless he reneges on his deal with Rainwater and goes into business with them.
  • Jimmy (Jefferson White) runs afoul of some guys he knew from his drug days, leading to a confrontation.
  • Kayce and Monica take the first tentative step toward reconciling.
  • John continues to struggle with balancing the family business with his difficult relationships with his children.

Yellowstone Season 2 will continue to air on CBS every Sunday night through the end of the season. Paramount has announced that the second half of Season 5 will begin airing in November of 2024, and the network has also announced two new shows in the Yellowstone franchise, 1944 and 2024.

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