What Luke Combs Was Thinking When He Saw His Bride for the First Time

Back in early August, when Luke Combs married Nicole Hocking, we all saw the pictures and the posts and the heartfelt comments from the newlyweds’ friends. But what we didn’t see was how Combs felt.

And in a recent interview with RADIO.COM’s Katie & Company, Combs shared exactly how emotional he was when he saw his bride walking down the aisle of their seaside wedding. “I mean, seeing her for the first time was it, no doubt,” he said of his favorite moment of their wedding day. “We didn’t do a first-look thing. It was heavy in the best way. That caught me off guard, for sure.

“I had a pretty solid feeling that I was gonna cry, but I didn’t know I was gonna cry that much. But I did. I was like doubled-over crying guy.”

Along with feeling all those feels, Combs also sounds like he was very proud of how hard Hocking had worked to make the wedding happen in a year full of weddings not happening.

“We were at the point where it was like, ’What else could go wrong?’ And here’s the thing: My wife worked really, really hard to settle that stuff up. We did have a wedding planner that she worked with, but she was very very heavily involved in the entire process. And so, we were really looking forward to it being a certain way and a certain thing.

“At the end of the day, that ended up not mattering because it was still really beautiful and it was really everything that I wanted it to be, but I also want to be able to give her that thing that she spent so much time doing.”

Take a look back at the wedding gallery that Mrs. Luke Combs shared a month after they tied the knot:

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