Watch now: Sam Hunt figures he's "20%" done with his new album: "I gotta hurry up and get another song ready"

Written by on November 11, 2019

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Sam Hunt isn’t nominated for a CMA this year — he’s just gotten back in the spotlight thanks to his new single, “Kinfolks” — but he says he likes the idea that this year’s telecast is highlighting female country artists.

“I think it’s an important agenda for country music right now. And I’m glad that we’re all getting on board,” he told ABC Audio Monday.

As for “Kinfolks,” Sam’s happy it’s doing so well, but he admits it has him feeling the pressure to deliver an entire album.

“I was just thinking about that this week,” he laughs. “I was like, man, I gotta hurry up and get another song ready! Because the single’s fortunately doing well, but it’s going pretty quickly. And so I’ll have to have another song ready here soon.”

So, just how far is Sam along in the follow-up to his 2014 album, Montevallo?

“I finished — completely finished — two songs, so I have, I guess, seven, eight, nine more to go,” he laughs. “I’ll put out another song here before Thanksgiving and then it’ll be first of the year before I can get another one out. So what does that [make it]…20 percent done?”

But the Georgia native doesn’t want to feel like he’s got to rush his music out.

“I don’t want the commerce side of it to get too involved in it because it is a big part of the whole thing, for better or worse,” he admits.

“I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to make money off what I’ve been doing and to provide a life for myself and my future family,” notes Sam. “But I don’t want that to influence too much how I make decisions about, you know, what I put out and why.”

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