Watch Blake Shelton’s Fiery ‘Come Back As a Country Boy’ Video

Blake Shelton has some down-home fun with pyrotechnics in the music video for “Come Back As a Country Boy,” the anthemic new single he released in early October.

The song’s lyrics proclaim Shelton’s undying dedication to his lifestyle, saying that if he doesn’t “Come Back As a Country Boy” in his next life, then he’d rather just not come back at all. The clip stays true to upholding the simple things in life, with footage filmed on Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch and featuring his real-life dog, but there’s a special-effects-filled twist.

The video begins in outer space, with a flaming asteroid rocketing towards Earth. Eventually, it crash-lands into a bonfire pile on Shelton’s Oklahoma property, where the singer is hanging out, surveying his land and drinking beer in the woods. He sits in front of the roaring bonfire, and soon, another version of the singer begins to rise out of the flames, playing a searing guitar solo in the bridge of the song.

“We shot this in the country, over two days, on my ranch in Oklahoma. It’s got a bonfire, my truck and my dog,” Shelton explains to CMT, who premiered the music video. “It’s me being a country boy in my favorite place on Earth. I remember it being hot and between that and the bonfire, I think I sweated off one of my double chins.”

Rising star Hardy and Jordan Schmidt — both of whom also had a hand in writing Shelton’s hit single “God’s Country” — co-wrote the new song. “Come Back As a Country Boy” is one of several new tracks slated for inclusion on the deluxe version of Shelton’s Body Language album, which he’s planning to release in full on Dec. 3.

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