Watch “1883”: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill in New Extended Trailer

Gunfights, covered wagons, fire and intense drama punctuate the new two-minute trailer for “1883” released Friday.

The Paramount+ series stars Tim McGraw (James Dutton), Faith Hill (Margaret Dutton) and Sam Elliott and is the prequel to the wildly popular “Yellowstone.”

“1883” follows the family as they make the treacherous journey from Texas to Montana to establish the expansive ranch that is the setting for “Yellowstone” on Paramount Network. McGraw and Hill’s characters are the great-grandparents of Kevin Costner’s cantankerous John Dutton, who owns the largest cattle ranch in the United States.

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Rendered nearly unrecognizable by dirt and a thick beard, McGraw mutters: “I believe in you. I believe in that boy. And I believe in our daughter. And that’s all.”

The trailer gives the most in-depth look to date of what viewers can expect from the Duttons in “1883.” The clip opens with a horse-drawn covered wagon easing slowly into the sunset. Buzzards swarm overhead, and there’s a brutal gunfight that shows McGraw’s character picking people off horseback with his long-barreled rifle. Elliott’s character slowly ambles up on horseback.

“So you just sit and watch,” McGraw quips.

“It looks like you had a figured,” Elliott fires back.

“Thanks for the help,” McGraw retorts.

The scene sets a familiar but adversarial relationship between the series’ main characters.

“1883” also features Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton, Isabel May and LaMonica Garrett. Paramount Network will air a simulcast premiere event for “1883” on Sunday, Dec. 19, following a new episode of “YELLOWSTONE.”

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