Tyler Hubbard Moves Back Home After Covid-19 Quarantine

It seems like just yesterday that Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard announced that he’d tested positive for Covid-19 and that he’d be quarantining inside his tour bus in his driveway. So even though he couldn’t be with his family, he could be near them. All in order to protect his family from catching coronavirus from him.

A few days ago, Hubbard’s wife Hayley posted about the kids hoping that every day would be the day that their dad would be done with the lockdown.

And finally, on Monday (Nov. 16), Hubbard shared a picture of the whole family — his wife and three little ones — in one room after almost two full weeks on the bus. “After 13 days of being on the tour bus in the driveway I’m finally covid free and back in the house,” Hubbard wrote. “Family dinner never felt so good. So thankful.”

While we’re all thrilled that Hubbard is over the virus, it’s still important for all of us to remember how to stay socially distanced, wear our masks, and wash our hands the right way. Shout out to the Hubbards for sharing the “Frère Jacques” song so we will never forget how it’s done.

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