Travis Tritt Returns to His “No-Frills Classic Outlaw-Country Sound” on Upcoming Album

Travis Tritt will return with his first full-length album of original songs in more than a decade when he releases his upcoming album, Set In Stone, on May 7. His latest single, “Smoke In A Bar,” penned by Jeremy Bussey, Derek George and Tim Montana, releases March 5.

Tritt welcomed producer Dave Cobb, known for his work with Chris Stapleton and The Highwomen, to helm the new album. The artist known for classic ‘90s country hits such as “Help Me Hold On” and “Anymore” says he is “getting back to a no-frills classic outlaw-country sound.” Tritt co-wrote eight of the new album’s 11 songs.

The album is Tritt’s first since his 2007 project The Storm, which he later re-released in 2013, under the name The Calm After…, which featured two additional cover songs.

See the track list for Set In Stone below:

1. “Stand Your Ground” (Travis Tritt, Wayne B. Durrett III, Channing Wilson)
2. “Set In Stone” (Travis Tritt, Brent Cobb, Adam Hood)
3. “Ghost Town Nation”(Aaron Raitiere, JB Strauss)
4. “Smoke In A Bar” (Jeremy Bussey, Derek George, Tim Montana)
5. “Leave This World” (Travis Tritt, Ashley Monroe)
6. “They Don’t Make Em’ Like That No More (Travis Tritt, Matthew Dillon Carmichael)
7. “Better Off Dead” (Travis Tritt, Adam Hood)
8. “Southern Man” (Travis Tritt, Channing Wilson)
9. “Open Line” (Travis Tritt, Brent Cobb)
10.“Ain’t Who I Was” (Brent Cobb, Adam Hood)
11.“Way Down In Georgia” (Travis Tritt, Dennis Anthony Robbins, Troy Seals)

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