Tom Brady takes a beating during Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment [Video]

New England Patriots quarterback, for now, Tom Brady got sacked reading “Mean Tweets: NFL Edition” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Despite the fact that Brady has a record six Super Bowl wins — or more likely because Brady has a record six Super Bowl wins — there was plenty of vitriol coming his way.

One tweet read, “Hi, I’m Tom Brady and I’m a crybaby, and I have a butthole in my chin.”

The other tweets can’t be printed here, but they involve his physique, his emotions, and his dog eating chocolate and throwing up on his socks. 

Since Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes is taking Brady’s usual spot representing the AFC this year, it only seemed fitting he’d get in on the fun of getting insulted too.

The tweet read, “I imagine Patrick Mahomes’s barber is a superhero who has to run out and save the world every time he gets halfway through Mahomes’s haircut.”

And three-time Super Bowl winner Michael Irvin is known for wearing flashy suits on TV, and apparently it’s not for everyone.

The tweet read, “Michael Irvin looks like every old-timey table cloth in America got together and had an orgy to make that outfit.”

Irvin seemed amused by the tweet, and given the jacket he was wearing when he read this tweet, it wasn’t too far off.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

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