Tip It on Back With Country’s 100 Best Drinking Songs

Drinking songs and country music go together like, well … drinking and country music. In fact, that should be the benchmark for how other things go together: “You know, peanut butter and jelly go together like drinking songs and country music!”

Taste of Country didn’t discriminate when we put our heads together to choose the 100 Best Drinking Songs. In the gallery above, we’ll guide you through our favorite songs about wine, whiskey, tequila and, of course, beer. You’ll find funny songs, heartbreaking songs, troublemaking songs and, once in a while, a straight-up cautionary tale. We represented men and women, and there are songs from every era of country music, from time-honored classics to songs that are brand new but still worthy of inclusion.

We didn’t use a specific formula when it came to ranking the songs, but we did take into consideration the quality of the song, its commercial impact and whether it has stood up over time to help inform which songs we wanted to include and in what order, along with staff opinion.

Please Enjoy Country’s 100 Best Drinking Songs Responsibly:

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