Thomas Rhett Leaves Vacation and Then Leaves Instagram

After Thomas Rhett returned from a trip to Cabo with family and friends, it looks like his first instinct was to brighten his followers day with a glimpse into his personal life. So he posted some pictures from the trip on social media.

But some people saw more than just the pictures.

What they saw, and posted about very vocally in the comments, was Thomas Rhett’s decision to go on a non-essential trip when the rest of the world is staying home to stop the spread of Covid-19 (even though nobody knows the steps he most likely took to make the trip safe). But the negativity was enough to get Thomas Rhett to take a break from Instagram. “Too much negativity on an app I spend too much time on,” he wrote in an Instagram story after seeing comments like these on the posts that he and his wife Lauren Akins both shared:

“Tag yourself as the Covid particles traveling home on the plane to infect somebody’s grandma.”

“Pandemic privilege is real.”

“THIS RIGHT HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS WHITE PRIVILEGE AT ITS FINEST. When the rest of us are staying home, not seeing family for holidays, struggling to pay bills, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins decide to travel multiple times these past few months with friends and ignore all the guidelines we are being asked to follow.”

“Wish I could be happy for you but the rest of us are not traveling to try to keep Covid at bay.”

“It’s very tone deaf to post this when the majority of the audience is struggling this year.”

“While the rest of us are laying low, stars are going on vacations. While many people are out of jobs.”

“It look amazing but it’s also disappointing to those who are doing everything possible to stay safe and keep others safe.”

“Must be nice to vacay during a pandemic without a care in the world.


“Love you all but maybe you shouldn’t have shared this. So many of us out here battling this pandemic caring for the sick.”

“Kinda disappointing y’all did this during a pandemic

“Until you lose a loved one to the VERY REAL virus, you will never understand how watching people vacation feels.”

“It’s sad because it shows so much entitlement during a pandemic. I really like them but very disappointed.”

“So tired of seeeing this idiotic behavior being posted on social media with zero excuses.”

All of that said, the majority of the comments were positive. But the Covid shaming is what stands out, and is the kind of negativity that forced Thomas Rhett to make this difficult decision.

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