This Is What Lady Antebellum Are Leaving For

Lady Antebellum have just revealed their next single, and if you haven’t heard it, prepare yourself.

“What I’m Leaving For” will officially hit country radio on February 18, but it has already hit close to home for anyone with a family. Especially a family that they have to leave behind when they go to work. Whether that work means an occasional business trip or, as it does for the band’s Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley, being on tour for months at a time. As in, “got my bags packed, got my ticket, got a heartache to go with it.”

“This song really describes exactly where we’re at in our lives and the give and take to try to find a personal balance with career and family,” Scott said in a press release.

“Whether you are in the military, returning from maternity leave or just experiencing those tender-hearted ‘goodbyes,’” she added of the song’s relatable nature, “we hope it resonates and evokes a piece of comfort in the example we set for our children.”

The song’s current video shares snapshots of the band’s real lives at home, and stars Eisele, Emory and Betsy Tyrrell, Cash and Lillie Haywood, and Ward Kelley: the six children that Scott, Haywood and Kelley have between them.

The song was penned by Sam Ellis, Micah Premnath and Laura Veltz.

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