This Is What Happens When a Mother is Born

Maren Morris’ baby boy isn’t due for about a month, but when you’re thisclose to giving birth to your baby, it’s kind of like a mother is born.

That’s what it looked like, anyway, when Morris shared pictures from her Sunday (Feb. 2) baby shower.

Some of the wish-we-were-there highlights included:

The decorative Baby Hurd sign.

An appearance from Morris’ husband Ryan Hurd.

A Mom-osa bar.

A colorful and bountiful bagel buffet.

Floral cupcakes that looked exactly like real-life flowers.

Mini bottles of Ruffino Prosecco for guests to take home and “Pop it when she pops.”

A Littlest Hurd onesie.

A gallery of pictures of Morris and Hurd as children, one of which she later posted on its own.

And most importantly, friends and family from Morris’ life here in Nashville and back in Texas.

Morris’ mom Kellie Pellam-Morris shared even more pictures on her own Instagram.

“Thank you Karsen, Kim, Amy and Jourdan for being the best co hostesses for this special day. And thanks to my Texas besties Summar, Richard and Michelle and Meghan and Brady for trekking to Nashville for this very special life event. And to Maren’s Texas besties for making it so complete,” she wrote, calling it the perfect baby shower. “It was really special.”

“Thanks to everyone who attended and made the day so special.”

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