This Is How Bob Dylan Landed in a Country Song

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Rita Wilson wrote her latest single “I Wanna Kiss Bob Dylan” with Caitlyn Smith and Jennifer Decilveo, and she says she was inspired to write it after a deep dive into an old album from 1997 and after getting a little closer to what she calls Dylan’s gypsy soul.

“I was going deep into Bob Dylan’s album Time Out Of Mind. I was struck by what seemed to be the aftermath of a relationship that didn’t work out for him,” Wilson shared in a press release. “He was so vulnerable and put himself out there. This is the album that gave us ‘Make You Feel My Love,’ as an example of his defenselessness.”

That’s when Wilson had an epiphany about the relationship between the singer and the listener, when all the stars align just right.

“It got me thinking that when we are moved by music,” she said, “you fall in love with the person in the song. The person that is allowing you to see him or her. That doesn’t mean you’re necessarily falling in love with the actual person.

“And this thought that I wanted to kiss Bob Dylan came pouring out of me in a stream of consciousness, of wanting to kiss the illusion of what an artist creates, to kiss the soul of that person who lives in the ether somewhere between reality and inside our minds.”

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