This 2013 Kane Brown Tweet to Blake Shelton Proves Dreaming Big Is Worth It

It was seven years ago when Kane Brown tweeted about Blake Shelton, hoping for the best.

And man, did he get it.

“I’m gonna try and make it on ur team next year for the voice please listen,” Brown wrote way back on 12/19/13, tagging Shelton. At the time, he had just turned 20 and was on the verge of superstardom thanks to his homemade videos performing country cover songs on his YouTube page and on Facebook. This was one of his most popular videos, an a cappella version of Josh Turner’s “Your Man.”

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NBC shared a screen shot of Brown’s full-circle tweet on Monday night (Nov. 9) when Brown did join Team Shelton on The Voice: not as a contestant but as a mentor and advisor. “These dreams were years in the making. Tonight, don’t miss #TheVoice Battles with new advisors @kanebrown_music, @miguel, @juliamichaels, and @leonbridgesofficial at 8/7c on NBC.

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