The Roundup: New Music From Randy Travis, Willie Nelson, Mickey Guyton And More

This week, CMT’s Weekly Roundup of new hits features two timeless icons, a hopeful icon, and a few exciting pop-country hits.

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Randy Travis – Ain’t No Use

Thirty-five years after its release, Randy Travis’ debut album Storms of Life has been re-released. “Ain’t No Use” is one of ten tracks not released from the initial recordings, but it’s resurrected for this 2021 edition. Elton John’s lead songwriter Bernie Taupin wrote the liner notes for the release and said, “It’s an anomaly in any genre of music to create the perfect album. Oh, it happens, but inevitably it can be marred by that one track that makes you think, ’Dang, if only they’d left that one out.’ Randy Travis and his perfect gem Storms of Life stands on the shoulders of giants.”

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Willie Nelson – Family Bible

“Family Bible” is five decades old and hearkens back to the “Red Headed Strangers” roots as a Nashville songsmith. It’s the lead single from his forthcoming second album of 2021, The Willie Nelson Family. As alluded to via the title, the release will include Nelson’s sister Bobbi, his sons Lukas and Micah, and his daughters Amy and Paula. Also featured is Paul English, Nelson’s longtime drummer and friend, who died early last year at 87.

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Mickey Guyton – Lay It One Me

The secret strength of Mickey Guyton’s finally-arrived debut album Remember Her Name is that she proves herself as one of the great country torch song vocalists of this — or any — generation. Heavenly, arcing vocal runs are underpinned by a sound that hearkens back to the best of Martina McBride and 90s country. Guyton once noted that “At a certain point I even didn’t believe in me, I felt like I had spent all of this time working towards this career and I just couldn’t get off the ground.” Guyton’s career in 2021 is impressively off the ground now, and the future looks bright.

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Natalie Hemby – Pinwheel

Natalie Hemby’s 90’s alt-rock inspirations are pushing her October-due album Pins and Needles and its latest track, “Pinwheel.” “It was the last song I wrote for the record,” says Hemby via a press release. “I wanted lyrics that summed up the last 10 years of my life, which has been an absolute beautiful blur. ’Carried all my dreams by the handle, heavy as an anvil. And then they all showed up.’ Barry Dean and Madison Kozak helped me carve out what I wanted to say…Like a therapy session.”

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Kidd G – Down Home Boy

“This is an opportunity to show people who I am,” says viral sensation Kidd G about the lead single from his just-debuting album. “I’m still the same down-home guy who’s all about family, friends, my hometown and making music and I think that comes across in my music.” Via press release, it’s noted that “while early tracks like his debut single ’Sorry’ lean toward traditional hip-hop, he later brought an element of old-school country into his songwriting. As he continued posting his music on SoundCloud, Kidd G soon amassed a dedicated following undeniably drawn to his down-home charm and the honest detail of his lyrics.”

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