The Latest Wednesday Wisdom from Tim McGraw

Country stars may experiment with outside interests from time to time, but you can usually tell if their heart’s not in it. But Tim McGraw? His heart is 100 percent in it.

And by “it,” I mean his steadfast passion for health and fitness.

By now, I’m sure most of his fans have had time to take in all of the wisdom he doled out in his book, the New York Times bestseller Grit & Grace. And now, there’s even more. I stumbled across the recent issue of Web M.D. at a routine appointment this week, and as usual, there he was motivating me to do better.

Here are some of the story highlights from the always quotable McGraw:

“I use my whole body when I sing. I use my legs. I’m trying to wring tone out everywhere to get my voice the way I want it to sound.”

“My range is larger than it used to be. That comes from a combination of being fit and not having to try to find your wind in order to sing.”

“Everything good in my life has come from country music.”

“Problems are problems, and everybody has them. The water’s going to run differently in everyone’s creeks, and the stumbling blocks or rocks are going to be in different places.”

“I started just by walking. I got up every day and got my shoes on and I’d walk out for 10 minutes and walk back. Gradually, I kept doing that and added time to it and then added more things to it.”

“I don’t think without my mom and my sisters and my wife and my daughters that I would see life in the same way. They lead me to see the good in everything.”

“Everybody’s journey is different, and everyone is going to approach things in a different way. But I think if you can see someone else, it can help you navigate a little bit, and maybe help you know that you can navigate.”

McGraw’s Here on Earth tour begins on July 10 in Syracuse, NY.

Alison makes her living loving country music. She’s based in Chicago, but she’s always leaving her heart in Nashville.


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