The Good Place Cast Reveals Which Finale Scenes Wrecked Them

Team Cockroach had quite an ending when The Good Place wrapped up on Thursday, Jan. 30 on NBC. The acclaimed comedy wrapped up the stories of Eleanor, Michael, Janet, Chidi, Tahani and Jason with touching scenes that were just as hard for The Good Place cast of film as it was for the cast and crew to produce.

After the finale, E! News was with the cast—Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden, Manny Jacinto, William Jackson Harper and Jameela Jamil—to get the scoop on the hardest scenes to shoot in the series finale.

For Jamil, it was the scene where Danson’s Michael presents her character, Tahani, with his bowtie as she embarked on a new career as an afterlife architect. It was poignant for her, “Because Ted taught me how to act on the show, him handing me that peacock bowtie felt like—”

“Why do you keep throwing me under the bus? What if people hate your performance?” Danson said.

“I wasn’t that bad, OK? I wasn’t that bad. When he handed it to me, it just kind of felt like he was handing me all of that,” she finished. “It just kind of felt very symbolic of everything he gave to me. And also, the fact that he let me share every single snack that he had for four years.”

“Really had no choice,” Danson said.

Jacinto admitted it was his dance sequence because he felt the pressure of doing it in front of his cast. Danson said it was shooting in the Redwoods. “It wasn’t hard to do, but it was really sweet,” he said.

Carden admitted to crying quite a bit during shooting the finale, specifically the last scene she shared with Bell. “You cried a lot in the finale,” Bell said to Carden. “Your robot cried so much.”

“The robot that does not cry cried a lot,” Carden laughed. But, not a girl, not a robot.

Jackson said filming on the Pont des Arts in Paris, which was the final scene they shot for the series (but not the final scene in the show), was difficult to get through, as well as the Redwood day. Bell said the scene where her character pleaded with Jackson’s to stay with her was rough to shoot.

“The pleading, desperation of that scene where you can’t leave me because I told myself that I always wanted to be alone, but I don’t want to be alone, I want to be with you, was very difficult for me to say,” she said.

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