Tennessee McDonald’s Goes Viral For Jesus-Themed Easter Decor

A McDonald’s restaurant in Tennessee has created a super-sized window display for Easter.

And while some fast food restaurants have choose to decorate with an Easter bunny or brightly-colored eggs, this McDonald’s takes a more biblical approach to its seasonal decor.

Jesus-Themed McDonald’s Decorations

Columbia, Tennessee sits a little less than 50 miles southwest of Nashville in the middle of the state. According to online listings, the city with a population of just over 40,000 is served by three McDonald’s locations.

One of those restaurants recently went viral thanks to its window display leading up to Easter.

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Facebook user Burton Staggs recently shared a photo of a Columbia McDonald’s featuring a sprawling image of an empty tomb where some believe Jesus was buried for three before being resurrected. This is honored by some families as part of their annual Easter celebration.

“While many companies are opting to stay away from holiday-specific decorations, a Tennessee McDonald’s franchisee is embracing them,” Staggs wrote on Facebook.

Not Everyone Is A Fan Of The McDonald’s Decorations

The Facebook post has blown up with 35,000 shared and nearly 9,000 comments. Those offering their opinion on the photo appear to not only be from Tennessee, but also other countries.

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“I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and will be going to Nashville in May,” Jean Robar-Seney commented. “I love your state with all of the very friendly people. We need a lot more like you here.”

As with most viral content on social media, not everyone approved of the message in the McDonald’s window.

“No thanks… I’ll drive on by,” Randy Arnayro said.

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