Russell Dickerson Opens up About His + Wife Kailey’s Angel Baby

Russell Dickerson‘s baby boy is here, but the “God Gave Me a Girl” singer won’t ever forget about the pregnancy he and wife Kailey lost.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Dickerson admitted that emotions from that loss still come in waves.

  • The Dickersons welcomed Radford Arthur on Oct. 1. The baby boy was born 10 days early and joins 3-year-old brother Remington.
  • Photos shared on Dickerson’s Instagram page show the family with their new, dark-haired baby.
  • Dickerson arrived from a concert in Kansas City just in time to help with delivery. He’ll resume his Big Wheels & Back Roads Tour on Oct. 26.

In January, Kailey Dickerson revealed the miscarriage at eight weeks, saying, “It felt like drowning and trying to swim towards sun to find the surface.”

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Three months later, they shared that they were pregnant once again.

“It kind of comes in waves still,” he told Evan Paul a few days before baby Radford arrived. “The reason it was hard is, you see a heartbeat on the ultrasound. And then you go back in and there’s nothing.”

“Our first pregnancy was — they call it a chemical pregnancy, which, like, it’s not an actual forming of being, you know what I mean? This one was like, ‘There’s the heartbeat.’ You’re relieved. Then, they’re like, ‘It’s looking a little small’ … downward spiral and then you go back in and there’s no heartbeat.”

It’s not uncommon for Dickerson to find his mind drifting and his eyes watering, he says. When she announced the miscarriage, Kailey spoke about how she was embracing family and very close friends during this difficult time, and the same is true for Russell. He notes that he hasn’t found a community of men who’ve gone through similar.

Currently, “God Gave Me a Girl” sits in the Top 5 on Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart. The song is the second radio single from his self-titled album, released in November of 2022. Parmalee, Restless Road and Niko Moon are joining him on the Big Wheels and Back Roads Tour, which lasts into November of 2023.

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