Nastiest Country Music Divorces — No. 4 Is Just Wild!

In this list of country music’s nastiest divorces, you’ll find cheating, abuse, drugs, alcohol … and we’re just talking about No. 3!

We ranked 13 famous marital breakups from the least to most shocking, and in doing so, took a trip down a salacious memory lane. Reba McEntire‘s divorce from Narvel Blackstock is first because — like everything else in her life — the country singer handled her business like a pro.

Last on this list of messy breakups is a case that both parties still can’t talk about today. It involved another country artist, a rock band, several lawsuits and a reality TV show. And Bravo TV thinks they have drama!

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More than a few recent divorces are featured, including Kelsea Ballerini‘s divorce from Morgan Evans and Jana Kramer‘s split from Mike Caussin. In fairness to all parties, they have two tools that can make for terrible divorces if one isn’t careful: money and a microphone.

Splitting the financials is always the hardest part — just ask No. 8 — and there’s forever a temptation to sing about what went wrong, or what your ex said went wrong (we see you, No. 10).

Did we miss anyone? Scroll down to find the dirty details about what ended and what came after each of these country music marriages. We suggest listening to this ultimate divorce playlist while you’re reading.

13 Nastiest Country Music Divorces: RANKED!

This list of 13 messy country music divorces includes allegations of abuse, infidelity, drug and alcohol addiction and more. We’ve ranked them from least to most explosive — one or two feature abuse, infidelity AND substance abuse!

The dates listed for each of these messy country divorces is the date of separation.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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