Nashville Newcomer Ashley Cooke Reveals Unreleased Track “Getting Into”

Ashley Cooke has become a force to be reckoned with. Since inking a co-venture deal with Big Loud Records and Back Blocks Music, the breakout artist has placed her creative wheels in motion faster than ever before.

The “Never Til Now” singer took to TikTok Wednesday (Aug. 3) evening to tease an unreleased track titled, “Getting Into.” Cooke confirmed that the radio-ready hit would arrive Friday, Aug. 12.

The vocalist filmed herself mouthing the lyrics to the up-tempo single, which warns her next lover about her quirks and how her heart works in a romantic relationship.

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“You’re into the way I take my whiskey neat | You’re into the face I make when you say something mean | You’re into the color of my eyes | Into the way I socialize |But for your sanity’s sake |You should know some things,” she sings before rattling off other redeeming qualities that her significant other should know. “I can burn it down | Be a dive bar closer | Sunday sitting in a pew hungover | I want love, but I don’t know how | Cause I fall so fast, but I fall right out | Some bad habits, some old baggage | Hell, we all got issues | Before you get into my car | My bed | My heart | My head | know what you’re getting into,” she added.

Cooke initially revealed the razor-sharp lyrics in late July with an attention-grabbing montage. The string of clips perfectly conveys the roller coaster-like narrative, as it features a twenty-something-year-old navigating the Nashville dating scene.

The musician’s vulnerability within the airy anthem has already resonated with fans and caught the attention of notable names in the country community.

“Sounds like a smash!!” said Restless Road. “I love this,” gushed Kylie Morgan. “Hell yeah great song,” added Mitchell Tenpenny.

@theashleycooke know what you’re #gettinginto 😅 #originalmusic #songwriter ♬ getting into – Ashley Cooke

After the video garnered 526.9K views and 86.1K likes, she did not reveal any additional information.
However, she did give a sneak peek into another breakup ballad called “To My Ex.”

The wave of new music does not come as a surprise, as the powerhouse vocalist told CMT that she’s itching to release original material that lives inside her “secret folder.”

“I have a couple of new songs that I recorded, that I am looking forward to putting out here soon,” she said full of excitement. “I have a secret folder of music that I’m pumped to share with the world and follow up ‘Never Til Now.’

@theashleycooke to my ex… ✍️ #songwriting #acoustic #nashville #ex #breakup ♬ original sound – Ashley Cooke

The emerging new artist recently released “Never Til Now” with country star Brett Young. The love song served as Cooke’s country radio and TV debut on ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” Come Sept. 23, Cooke will embark on Cole Swindell’s nationwide Down To The Bar Tour. Tickets are currently available, here.

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