Morgan Wallen’s Ex Katie Smith Injured in Car Crash

Katie Smith — Morgan Wallen‘s ex-fiancee and the mother of his 2-year-old son — was injured in a vehicle crash that occurred in Nashville on Wednesday night (Feb. 22).

Smith told her followers about the accident via Instagram Stories, sharing photos from the wreck, as well as the aftermath, which includes a facial injury.

The first image shows the seriousness of the car accident: The car she was in appears to be totaled from the impact — the smashed vehicle sits in front of a Nashville fire truck.

“Thankful to be alive,” Smith writes. It does not seem that her son, Indie, was with her at the time.

Smith has been relaxing at home with her mother and friends since the accident occurred.

Videos from her Instagram page show the extent of the injuries to her face, which include pronounced swelling on the right side and visible bruising around her eye.

In another slide on Stories, Smith explains that a semi-truck ran a red light and “demolished” her vehicle. She details in text that she was driving at the time of the incident — her car spun around multiple times, and airbags were deployed.

Smith adds that her face is “basically broken” and she “can’t walk” on her right side.

She also took a moment to thank friends and family who have been helping her after the wreck, adding that the event could have been “so much worse.”

“Since I’m posted up right now I just want to say that as traumatic as last night was — it was really so beautiful,” she writes. “Between sweet friends/family around, all the love and support, being alive after every doctor that walked by said ‘they shouldn’t be alive, and he definitely shouldn’t be alive,’ it could have been so much worse.”

According to the tags on her post, Smith’s friend Caden McGuire was also in the vehicle at the time of crash. He seems to confirm this on his own page, sharing a photo of himself bandaged up, as well as the same photo of the wrecked vehicle.

“I’m running out of lives but I ain’t dead yet,” he says in his post.

Smith did not share information about the status of the truck driver.

Wallen has not commented on the accident. The country singer — who’s due to release a new album called One Thing at a Time on March 3 — and Smith welcomed son Indigo Wilder in July 2020.

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