Morgan Wade Claps Back At A Fan Commenting On Her Workout Routine And Teases New Music

Breakout star Morgan Wade is not afraid to stand her ground and advocate for mental health. The “Wilder Days” artist recently (July 6) clapped back at a naysayer who told her to stop working out and start writing more music on social media.

“Write any music lately…or just lifting weights and taking selfies,” wrote the Twitter user. “Grumpy little man – without me working out and taking care of myself – there would be no new music,” Wade fired back.

Country music fans rallied behind the songstress and thanked her for showing a glimpse of her everyday life.

“To be completely honest, I love seeing your workout selfies because it means you’re comfortable enough to share them. Let nobody dictate what YOU decide to do with your account or your career. We love you, Morgan!” stressed a follower. “The haters are gonna hate…you have to do what you have to do. Some people don’t understand that new music doesn’t come out of the air and self-care is important,” said another.

The negative comment came shortly after Wade uploaded a fitness video on TikTok. The fast-rising artist explained why she sticks to a strict routine while touring and how it benefits her mental health.

“Every morning, I wake up at 5 AM. I go to the gym,” Wade said over a video of herself running on a treadmill. “It just helps me to keep an active lifestyle, while I’m out on the road. Staying in shape and maintaining a workout routine is top priority for me.”

@morganwademusic For me, it helps to have as much of a #routine as possible while #touring. Each day starts with a trip to the #gym so I can be the best version of myself physically and mentally while out on the road. #tour #ontour #country #countrymusic #fitness #exercise #workout #workoutroutine #fitnessroutine #running #cardio #weights #health ♬ Run – Morgan Wade

She continued to get into the nitty-gritty of her workout régime, for fitness junkies looking for new tips and tricks.

“I always try to start with a little bit of cardio. I run, typically ranges…you know, try to get a couple of miles in every day. Then depending on the day, I’ll switch between like arms, legs, and chest. I try to hit abs every day, just depends,” the chart-topping artist declared. “I follow Cory Gregory’s workout routine. So, kind of whatever I can do and get a hold of on the road. Getting my daily exercise in – reduces my anxiety, boosts my endurance, helping me perform longer, and better on stage. So when I work out on the road, I’m able to be the best version of myself – both mentally and physically.”

Wade has always used her voice and platform to stress the importance of mental health. During a recent CMT Twitter Space, the hitmaker sparked a conversation about self-care and shared non-negotiables that bring her joy on a daily basis.

“I go to the gym and journal in the morning. I write down three things I’m grateful for. I try to start my day out right. I listen to some positive podcasts, I continually read self-help books, biographies about positive people that have made changes in the world,” she told CMT. “I am trying to surround myself with really positive things, because I know that I can get kind of stuck in my head. If I’m not feeding my mind good things and taking care of myself, that’s when I really start to slip,” she added.

Wade has been pumping some iron and new music out. The inked-up artist took to Twitter late last night (July 6) to reveal that new music is on the horizon and has already been approved by the biggest critics – her family.

“Played my siblings the new music this morning,” she nonchalantly wrote on social media. “They totally approve – and they are a tough crowd.”

CMT’s Next Women of Country vocalist has not revealed additional information regarding the new material. Wade’s upcoming project will follow her critically acclaimed debut record, “Reckless (Deluxe Edition).” The 16-song collection includes fan favorites like “Matches and Metaphors,” “Don’t Cry,” and “Last Cigarette.”

The singer-songwriter who found her voice in a college basement with a Craigslist band, recently performed in stadiums with Luke Combs and Chris Stapleton. Now, she’s speaking her truth and helping others through music at festivals nationwide. Tickets to Wade’s upcoming shows are available for purchase, here.

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