Meghan Markle Ends the Week With A Visit From Her Best Friend

Friends for life! 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been carrying on business as usual as the royal family works to figure out their exit plan. Meghan has been spending time in Canada, and was visited by her friend Heather Dorak for the weekend. Meghan drove herself to the Victoria airport to greet her friend and enjoy some time together. The Duchess of Sussex was photographed waiting in her car with her security guard wearing a trendy Soia & Kyo’s Saundra coat while she waited for Heather. 

“Meghan arrived early to pick Heather Dorak up at Victoria Airport. She drove her Land Rover Discovery and waited in the car with her bodyguard outside of the terminal,” a source told E! News. “Meghan had a big smile on her face while she was waiting and seemed excited and happy. Once Heather got into the car Meghan leaned back and gave her a big hug. They chatted all the way home with big smiles. Meghan took Heather back to the house for the evening. They unloaded her bags and got comfortable for the night. They cooked dinner at home and stayed in by the fire.”

Meghan and Heather go way back. Heather is a Pilates instructor who trained Meghan, and the two have kept a close bond through all of the ups and downs over the last few years. Meghan will be showing Heather some of her favorite spots over the course of her visit. 

“Their plans during Heather’s stay will depend on the weather. There is a lot of rain in the forecast over the weekend,” the source continued. “Meghan has been staying home a lot, but she also ventures out almost every day for a drive or to get fresh air. She likes to go on walks along the water or hiking in the park. She has enjoyed exploring North Saanich with different friends when they have visited. If the weather is good, she likes to go out. But if its bad, she usually stays home.”

Meghan has been spending some mother-son time with son Archie Harrison as well, while Prince Harry is still in the UK for meetings this week. No word on when he’ll be reunited with his wife. So until then, it’s a girl’s weekend! 

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