Maddie & Tae Dedicate New Track, “Woman You Got,” to Their Husbands

Maddie & Tae are proud of who they are—so-called imperfections and all.

In their new song, “Woman You Got,” these women sing frankly about their supposed “shortcomings” within romantic relationships, whether that’s a lack of cooking skills or maybe being a bit messy, but also their strong-willed dedication to keeping a relationship at its best.

“I talk smack, I make messes / I win bread, I’m kinda selfish/Don’t trust me in the kitchen / Don’t dare me, I ain’t chicken,” they sing in the new release.

“We thought it was about time to put a sassy new song out into the world. So excited to say… ‘Woman You Got’ is out NOW! Hope you love it,” the duo said via Instagram.

“Woman You Got” follows their previous hits “Die from a Broken Heart” and “Friends Don’t.” The song was produced by Derek Wells and Jimmy Robbins, and Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Font and Taylor Kerr penned the track alongside Laura Veltz and Mark Holman.

The new song impacts country radio April 19.

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