Luke Bryan Shares the Secrets to His Successful 14-Year Marriage

Luke Bryan recently opened up to PEOPLE about the secrets to his 14-year-long marriage to his wife Caroline Boyer. The couple wed in 2006, and their household includes two sons, Bo and Tate, as well as nephew Til.

“It’s all about communication and giving each other time to go do the things that we’re passionate about,” Bryan told the outlet. “But the communication is so critical. When you get your wires crossed… I know it sounds cliché, but never go to bed mad. You really have to abide by that stuff.”

Anyone who has seen the hilarious stories Luke and Caroline post on their social media pages knows that humor is another key ingredient to the couple’s success.

“The main thing with us is properly inserting alcohol in parts of the relationship — it does a really, really good job for us.” Bryan said, before adding, “I’m playing!”

“It never gets easier, but when you can share a wonderful life together, it makes it all worth it,” Luke said. “We have a great time, too — whether we’re Mom or Dad, or we’re able to go somewhere by ourselves — we’re really, really still so blessed that we’ve been able to navigate all this and my career, and then have a great marriage through it all.”

Bryan recently shared a photo from the couple’s wedding day in a sweet 14th anniversary tribute, saying, “Happy 14th anniversary my love. What a ride it has been. I love you so much. We be looking young in this one. I love you @linabryan3.”

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