LISTEN: Blake Shelton Shares Thoughts on 2021 Wedding Plans

When Blake Shelton called into Orlando country radio station K92.3 to talk about his new Ole Red restaurant there, he shared his guiding vision for the chain of eateries and music venues. “There are three things that obviously I love: country music, drinking and eating. I’ve always been about having a good time, and I don’t take myself seriously,” Shelton said. “And that’s what I want Ole Red to feel like.”

But eventually, the conversation turned to his personal life. And his love life. Shelton and Gwen Stefani shared the news of their engagement on Oct. 27.

And he was happy to talk all about it.

“I don’t have to dodge that question anymore,” he said. “The saving grace of 2020 for me is we’ve seen so many couples fall apart during 2020 because during quarantine, I think they find out they’re getting a little too much of this person they’re with. Gwen and I have found out that it’s the opposite for us. We don’t ever want to be apart.

“It was perfect to find that out about this person I want to share the rest of my life with. So of course I wanted to just take it all the way and ask her marry to me.”

Shelton and Stefani have not set a date or chosen a location yet, because of all the uncertainties of the pandemic we’re all living through. But it does sound like they will have some kind of big wedding bash — as opposed to eloping — because Shelton says they’re waiting for the time when we can all gather again.

“So hopefully sometime this coming year — when we can find a window when it feels like we can start mingling as people again — and get this wedding planned. For now, we don’t have it planned because we’re just like everyone else in the world: we have no clue what’s coming. But hopefully it’s getting better.”

Then again, they could be happy anywhere.

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