Kelsea Ballerini To Release A Poetry Collection, ‘Feel Your Way Through’

If listening to “Hole In The Bottle” and finding yourself in the songwriting, Kelsea Ballerini’s forthcoming — non-musical — release is just for you. Feel Your Way Through, a poetry compilation from the singer-songwriter will be released from Ballantine Books on November 16. A press release notes that topics to be covered by her writing will include family dynamics, relationships, body image and confidence, self-love, sexuality, and lessons from her youth.

Regarding what has keyed her creativity of late, the vocalist told New Beauty in a recent interview, “I thrive in balance. I really love being busy. I love always having forward motion and looking to what’s next, but I think I’ve learned that I can do that better when my roots are deep and watered. And so having time with my husband and my dog, and my mom and my dad and my really close small group of friends, I think has replanted me this last year. And now it’s up to me to keep that balance and keep those roots watered while I start going, going, going again. Because I do owe it to myself and to my dream to give it everything. But I think I do that better when I’m balanced.”

“I’ve realized that some feelings can’t be turned into a song, so I’ve started writing poems,” the performer says. “Just like my songs, they talk about what it’s like to be 20-something trying to navigate a wildly beautiful and broken world,” she continues. Feel Your Way Through is currently available for pre-order. If wanting to see Ballerini before reading her words, she’ll be opening for pop stars The Jonas Brothers on dates this summer. Tickets for those performances are available now.

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