Kassi Ashton Isn’t Afraid to Push Creative Limits in “Hopeless” Video

One of CMT’s Next Women of Country, Kassi Ashton took the familiar feelings of loneliness and channeled them into a striking new music video for “Hopeless.” Take a look, then read our exclusive Q&A below the player.

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What do you remember most about the day/night you shot this video?

We were shooting the “Field Party” video and this video the same day. I was still in a boot from injuring my toe in rehearsal. Beth, my manager, was so sweet and surprised me with an IV that was loaded with pain relief and other goodies.

When I finally got to set and got to throw myself at a mattress for three hours, I felt like Superwoman. Having a video where every single take was up to my own improv was amazing.

How does the video bring your song to life?

When I made this video treatment, I wanted to visually show the mental asylum we put ourselves in when we feel hopeless and alone. That’s where the stark room and bare mattresses come from, sort of an alternate mental version of your bedroom where you cry over a lost lover.

I think this visual makes the lyrics of the song and octave jump in the melody bite a bit more than if it were audio alone. The visual feels emotionally familiar to me and hopefully to everyone else.

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

That we’ve all been there. The in-between-knowing someone is bad for you but not being able to turn them down is hell. We all go a bit crazy over it. I also want them to know I’m not afraid of pushing limits creatively.

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

I was actually sitting in the green room at CMA Fest and I had to literally bite my tongue from squealing with joy over what I was seeing. My feet were kicking under the table and I was just filled with complete satisfaction and excitement.

I think I watched it 10 more times at least that day. It’s my favorite video I’ve ever done. Kristin [Barlowe] got my treatment and vision so spot on that it looks like I made the treatment after the fact.

Writers: Kassi Ashton, Josh Kerr and Jason Saenz. Director: Kristin Barlowe

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