Kalie Shorr Reveals Her “Escape” in This Poignant Video

Rather than looking back on her youth through rose-colored glasses, Kalie Shorr relied on home movies and her most challenging memories to share her life story in her new video, “Escape.”

Shorr will resume her Too Much to Say Tour next week in Los Angeles, promoting her latest album, Open Book. Take a look at “Escape,” then check out an exclusive Q&A with Shorr (who is one of CMT’s Next Women of Country) below the player.

CMT: What do you remember most about this video shoot?

Kalie Shorr: We shot the video the week the album came out. It was a really intense period of time… Obviously, writing the songs was a leap of faith because they’re so vulnerable, but releasing them was actually more emotional for me because it was letting people in on such a private world.

A lot of things came to the surface that week, so when we were filming, I felt like a raw nerve. The intention was not for there to be crying; it was just supposed to be a simple performance scene. We ended up keeping those in because they were the most authentic takes. I’m so thankful that it was a small set with just the closest members of my team. I felt really safe and supported.

How does the video bring your song to life?

It’s so crazy because the video isn’t a made up story line, or a reenactment — it’s the real story. I’ve never released a visual like this and it feels very special.

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

I think the most important message in this song is shedding the shame that comes with growing up in a broken and dysfunctional family. Everyone carries baggage but we are taught from such a young age to hide it. I want people to feel less alone and see that you can rise above. Where you come from does not define who you are.

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

I remember sitting down and showing it to my Dad. It’s so personal, I wanted to make sure my family was okay with me putting it out because it’s their story too. He was so supportive. We definitely both cried. I hadn’t seen any footage of me as a kid because we lost most of it in a fire, so it was really wild for me to see myself as a child for the first time. It really hit home for me to realize how small and innocent I was while all of these things in the song were happening around me.

Songwriters: Kalie Shorr & Candi Carpenter; Directors: Quinton Cook & Helena Capps

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