Justin Moore Reflects On His Favorite Fourth Of July Memories At The Beach

While many Americans host backyard barbecues to celebrate the Fourth of July, Justin Moore hits the beach with his family. The “Small Town USA” singer recently caught up with Big Machine Label Group to share how he celebrates the patriotic holiday.

BMLG asked Moore if he ever shoots off fireworks for his four children. The hitmaker declared that he does not light up the sky for his young ones, because they watch a spectacular show over the ocean.

“I don’t because we’re always down at the beach,” said the singer-songwriter. “We’re there every year for that.”

He continued to mention that he walked in his father’s footsteps, as he was “never” the man who held the firework display.

“See, when I was growin’ up, my dad wasn’t really that guy either,” he explained before recalling a core childhood memory. “In my little town, we had a really big, all day, I guess you want to call it a festival or event, that as small as our town was, I mean it would be 10 times that many people in it that day. I mean, people drove from all over because it was known within a 50-mile radius that it was the best fireworks show around, which is super random. And then bands played, and all the food and the whole bit.”

Moore said their Fourth of July plans were never a topic of conversation, because the festival became a family tradition. The multi-platinum performer shared that friends, family, and members of his community would flock to the affair.

“We never really did it at the house, because that one was so good, and everybody went to it,” Moore said. “You know, everybody I’ve ever known.”

The country crooner and his wife Kate share three girls and one boy together – Ella, Kennedy, Rebecca, and Thomas South. The country couple first became parents in 2010, when they welcomed their baby girl Ella into the world. Since creating a family of his own, Moore revealed that America’s birthday became his favorite holiday.

“Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. One, because I love summer and hot weather and hate winter. And my wife’s birthday is the fifth, so the 4th of July is huge for us,” he explained to the label.

While celebrating the holiday at their beach house in Florida, Moore revealed that they spend the long days eating, drinking, and enjoying quality time.

“Fish fries and the whole beach thing. I love 4th of July. There’s no gifts you gotta worry about. It’s just good food, it’s good weather. I love fireworks, I’m like a child. So, 4th of July, it’s a big family day for us.”

After kicking back seaside, Moore will return to reality and hit several summer festivals nationwide. For upcoming appearances, visit justinmooremusic.com.

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