Jon Wolfe – That Girl In Texas (Official Video)

Written by on May 22, 2011

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“That Girl in Texas”
Jon Wolfe/Tim Johnson

I woke up this morning not feeling right
And it wasn’t the beer that I drank last night
It’s the state I’m in

I just know I’m not where I’m meant to be
I heard a southern wind callin’ out to me
Go back home again

Now I’m standin’ at the lonely end of the path I chose
And I can’t stop thinking about all the things miss the most

Might be those Saturday nights and the honky tonks and rodeos
Or the way the sun sets in the hills of San Antonio
Might be the dust on my boots, the miles of fence line
That ole Rio Grande or the wide open sky
But my best guess is
It’s that girl in Texas

I spent all day packin up my truck
My boss forgot to wish me luck
When I said so long

It high time I undue my mistake
So I’ll drive all night down the interstate
Till I’m all the way gone

I know deep down in my heart it’s what I’ve gotta do
And if anyone asks me what I’m most looking forward to


I can’t wait to see her smiling face
And I couldn’t tell you why I ever left that place

I miss those Saturday nights and honky tonks and rodeos
The way the sun sets in the hills of San Antonio
Her beautiful smile, bright blue eyes
Holdin’ her close in the moonlight
What I miss most is
That girl in Texas

Yea what I love most is…….That girl in Texas


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