Joe Lasher Tries to Move On With “Messed Up”” CMT

Joe Lasher is hurting from a heartache in his brand new video, “Messed Up.” Haven’t we all had those days we can’t get out of bed, for one reason or another?

Born and raised in Weaverville, North Carolina, Lasher now lives and works on a 300-acre farm outside of Nashville. Take a look at “Messed Up,” then read our exclusive Q&A below the player.

What do you remember most about this video shoot?

There are a lot of really great memories from filming this video. I remember it had rained for days leading up to the shoot, and almost as soon as the cameras started rolling the sky cleared up, and it turned into a beautiful day. I knew at that point that something magical was going to come together.

Also, my fiancée, Kaitlyn, is in the video and that’s something really special that I will always remember. Even though she’s the one who dumps me in the video, getting to recreate a lot of loving “flashback” moments on camera was a lot of fun.

How does the video bring your song to life?

I knew that the best way to visually bring this song to life was to show how consuming a breakup can be. I brought the concept for the video to Ford Fairchild, the director, and we came up with a vision that portrayed that hopeless feeling perfectly. I’m driving around town, seeing places that we would frequent and I’m reliving each memory as if they had just happened. I think we can all relate to that, and the emotion that comes along with it.

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

At the end of the day a breakup is going to feel terrible, we all feel messed up from it, but you have to pick yourself up and get on with your day even when it hurts.

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

I was thrilled the first time that I saw the video. The cinematography really captured the emotion behind the song and narrated it perfectly. I couldn’t be prouder to share this with the CMT audience.

Writers: Joe Lasher & Josh Byrd; Director: Ford Fairchild

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