Is This Viral Garth Brooks Video Real?

Garth Brooks is 62 years old, but he just did something a 26-year-old would be proud of. Is it real?

A new social media video shared by Brooks is one of the viral clips Taste of Country Mornings reacts to this week. The others involve Miranda Lambert, Chris Young and Jelly Roll.

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  • This clip from March 7 was filmed on the roof of the singer’s new Friends in Low Places bar and honky-tonk in Nashville.

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“Opening weekend for @friendsbarnash,” Brooks says before heaving a football across Lower Broadway.

One has to imagine Brooks received special permission to attempt the toss, or he just asked for forgiveness instead of permission on account of his funding a Nashville police substation next door to the new bar.

There’s nothing to indicate the throw was faked, other than the sheer distance of it.

“The javelin still has it!” “Rodeo Man” singer Ronnie Dunn cracks, referring to Brooks’ college days on the track team.

A close look at the throw shows that while it had the distance, it lacked the aim. Two people on the rooftop opposite FiLP definitely didn’t know the ball was coming right at them. The man who was supposed to catch it had to scramble to get close.

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