How Many Miles Are They Good For?

Ford Super Duty

Ford’s 7.3 Power Stroke is known to run forever, but these Super Duty owners point out there are some caveats.

As everyone knows, some vehicles are good for many more miles than others. Generally speaking, diesel engines are known to go much further before experiencing enough wear to require a rebuild than most. This is especially true of Ford’s 7.3-liter Power Stroke, a legendary engine among enthusiasts. But every motor eventually succumbs to wear. Thus, Ford Truck Enthusiasts member 95fiveoh decided to get some advice from the community before searching for his next Super Duty pickup.

“I’m casually shopping for a replacement for my 1995 F-150. Right now, I’m primarily looking at ’99-’02 F-250s with the 7.3-liter Power Stroke. I’m not ready to buy anything yet, but I’m just trying to get a feel for the market. My biggest priority is to buy a rust free truck. It would be no problem for me to travel to a warmer, drier part of the country to find one. I see a lot of these trucks are very high mileage, most near or over 200k, and lots near or over 300k. That brings up the question – how many miles is too many? Not only for the engine, but for all the other components of the truck. I know maintenance and the way the truck was used will have a lot to do with that, but is there a rule of thumb?”

Ford Super Duty

It’s certainly a fair question, and it’s also one that plenty of other FTE members are ready to help answer. Staring with longtime Super Duty owner DieselDenny.

“I owned one for 16 years. Worked it hard plowing and towing. I did a lot of preventative maintenance on her, but nothing more than expected. Northern Michigan is no question hard on the body or drivetrain. Mileage numbers really don’t count if it was well maintained. You need a biography of the facts. Generally, we see trucks go well into infinity that were maintained. Hard to imagine for a first time diesel owner, but the older Strokers are still (as evidence from this forum shows) hauling the mail daily. In terms of miles, anything under 200k would perk my interest.”

Ford Super Duty

Sure enough, there is plenty of evidence in the forums that these diesels will run nearly forever.

“I bought my 2000 E-350 with 470k miles,” said FinnishStroker. “I have put 30k miles on it in 1.5 years. I’ve replaced the brake parts, ball joints, bushings, u-joints, shocks, windshield, starter, and battery. Been enjoying every moment. Now it has 502k miles and still going strong!”

“I fully expect my truck to outlast me, as I’m fast approaching 70,” said MoBill122. “Truck now has 493,200 miles in nearly 20 years. Look at how the truck has been taken care of, and then expect to spend a lot of $$$ keeping it in good shape.”

Ford F-250

So far, the OP has received some pretty excellent advice. But we want to hear what you think. So head over here and tell us what you’d personally look for in an older Super Duty diesel. Or, if you’re in the market for one, scope out all the great tips while you’re there!

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