Garth Brooks Concert Tops Prom for Illinois Teen

Written by on May 3, 2017

Over his Hall of Fame career, Garth Brooks has created a lot of special moments onstage. The G-man can add another to his list thanks to an Illinois teen named Kate.

As Garth was performing his first of two shows in Champaign, Ill., on Saturday night (April 29), he spotted a teenage girl holding a sign that read, “Gonna be late to prom, Garth comes first.”

Garth was so tickled to see the sign that he began conversating with the teen from the stage, and when he found out that Kate didn’t have a prom date, he made her a deal: “I’m gonna make a deal with you, OK?” said Garth. “I’m gonna get one of my guys to come up and get your information. If you go to the prom tonight and it sucks, we’ve got a show here later. If you want to come back and shoot the [confetti] cannons and do stuff like that, you come hang with us, OK? Alright, I love you.”

Kate took Garth up on his offer and came onstage during his second concert to shoot the confetti cannon while Garth sang “Friends in Low Places.” The look on Kate’s face is priceless.

Well, done G-man.

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