‘Ford Truck Enthusiasts’ Share Cool Super Duty Easter Eggs

Ford Super Duty

Turns out, Ford’s 2017+ Super Duty pickups are capable of doing all sorts of nifty little things you may not know about.

As tech-savvy as today’s trucks are, it’s easy to miss a number of cool little features that might come in handy. We know this first-hand after getting lost reading through the owner’s manuals of our very own personal pickups. But if you’re into showing off your 2017+ Super Duty truck’s many Easter eggs, you’re going to love this thread we found in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums. There, members have posted all sorts of cool tips and tricks the Super Duty is capable of, starting with Mattm400.

“I wanted to post all the tips, tricks, and little things these trucks can do that folks may not be familiar with. If the remote battery dies, you can start the truck by putting the key in the slot next to the cupholder. With the keypad on the door, hold 7+8 and 9+0 to lock the doors. To open the tailgate with the door keypad, enter code then press 5+6. If you’re not sitting in the truck, you can start it by holding the start button on the key fob for approximately three seconds.”

Ford Super Duty

Next, Healthmc jumped in with a few more cool tricks.

“You can roll down your windows using the key fob by pressing unlock and then pressing and holding unlock. The alarm system has motion sensors that will alert if someone tries to reach in the cab. Even if the windows are down. You can turn the truck off and retain use of the Sync system until you open the door (or some absurd amount of time). This is useful when finishing a conversation, but you don’t want to idle in your driveway.”

Ford F-250

Robbgt chimes in with a few nifty things he’s discovered about his Super Duty.

“You can turn the radio/Sync system on without accessory mode on both push button and keyed trucks. Just press power. Doors can be open. Can update to single stage unlock from the cluster menu. Press unlock once, unlocks all doors, same for keypad without need to press 3 after code. There is a console located under the center jump seat on 40/20/40 trucks. And the ‘dead key/programming’ slot can be found at the rear. Still amazes me how many don’t know there is a second console under the seat. Also, new door codes can be programmed through Sync or the keypad.”

Ford F-250

We’ve already learned a bunch of cool things about our trucks that we didn’t know about via this thread. And there are many, many more tips and tricks in this ever-growing goldmine of info. So be sure and head over here to check them all out. Or, if you know of some that haven’t been posted yet, tell us all about them!

Photos: Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

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