‘Ford Truck Enthusiasts’ Prove That Mud Flaps Are Still Cool

Ford Trucks Mud Flaps

Those silly cartoon character mud flaps may not be cool anymore, but your Ford can still benefit from these…

When you think of mud flaps, you probably envision the ones every Ford truck wore back in the ’80s. You know, the ones with that certain gun toting cartoon character on the back warning you to back off. But mud flaps are still around today, and they can still be useful for reasons other than conveying funny messages or chromed outlines of scantily clad women. At least, it sure seems that way after reading through this Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum thread started by Nursekristi1981.

“OK, so I am thinking that I want to install mud flaps on my truck. But I’m worried about it looking like a grandpa truck. Can I see some pics of trucks with mudflaps and hear what brands are best?”

Ford Super Duty

Fellow member ThumbsUp is rocking a set of Ford mud flaps on his Super Duty. And one other old school styling touch.

“I think they look good. Then again, I also like the look of OWL tires, especially on my white truck. Some will say they are out of style, but I’m not one to just follow the crowd. The flaps sure keep the mud and dirt off of the running boards. Not the best picture for the flaps, but these are the Ford OEM flaps.”

Super Duty Mud Flaps

Healthmc is running a set on his Super Duty as well, and these don’t even require any drilling to install.

“This is mine with no-drill flaps. I wasn’t sure if I would like them, so I went the cheap route. Bought Teccom brand on Amazon, and I’ve actually been really impressed. I like the look and it protects my paint from a lot of rock chips. I also have a lot of equipment under the truck bed behind the rear tire and the flaps keep it a lot dryer back there.”

Super Duty Mud Flaps

Rudeman opted to go with a more expensive set, but sometimes these things are worth the money.

“I went with the WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Guards. Perfect fit, no-hassle install.”

So far, this thread proves that mud flaps are most certainly not out of style. Except, well, maybe those giant flappy ones your grandpa used to run on his old Ford. So be sure and head over here to check out all the great pics and recommendations from our members!

Photos: Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

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