Dustin Lynch Surprises Fans, New Album in Three Weeks

Dustin Lynch revealed plans Wednesday to follow up his recent six-week No. 1 song “Thinking ’Bout You (feat. MacKenzie Porter)” with his fifth studio album “Blue in the Sky.”

The album is available for preorder now and will be released Feb. 11.

“This has been a fun secret to keep,” Lynch said in a statement. “Get ready for a collection of songs that are going to make you feel good and want to mix a drink and party with your friends.”

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Lynch co-wrote five of the 12 songs on the album, which also includes collaborations with Chris Lane and Riley Green. “Blue in the Sky” is also home to “Thinking ’Bout You” and other previously released songs “Tequila On A Boat (feat. Chris Lane),” “Huntin’ Land (feat. Riley Green),” “Pasadena,” and “Not Every Cowboy.”

The Grand Ole Opry member posted teasers of many of the album’s songs on Instagram Wednesday.

“Blue in the Sky” was produced by Zach Crowell and offers a mix of love ballads, party anthems, odes to country lifestyle and summertime refrains.

The album is the follow-up to Lynch’s “Tullahoma,” home to hit songs “Ridin’ Roads,” “Good Girl” and “Momma’s House.”

Dustin Lynch’s “Blue in the Sky” Track List:
1. “Party Mode” (Jerry Flowers, Ryan Beaver, Roman Alexander, Jared Keim, Matt McGinn)
2. “Thinking ’Bout You (feat. MacKenzie Porter)” (Dustin Lynch, Andy Albert, Hunter Phelps, Will Weatherly)
3. “Stars Like Confetti” (Josh Thompson, Thomas Rhett, Zach Crowell)
4. “Somethin’ That Makes You Smile” (Erik Dylan, Andy Sheridan, Wyatt McCubbin)
5. “Break It On A Beach” (Dustin Lynch, Ashley Gorley, Hunter Phelps, Zach Crowell)
6. “Tequila On A Boat (feat. Chris Lane)” (Hillary Lindsey, Justin Ebach, Matt Alderman)
7. “Tennessee Trouble” (Dustin Lynch, Matt Dragstrem, Hunter Phelps, Jordan Minton)
8. “Summer Never Ended” (Cole Taylor, Ben Hayslip, Paul DiGiovanni)
9. “Back Road TN” (Ben Hayslip, Brock Berryhill, Jameson Rodgers, Brent Anderson)
10. “Huntin’ Land (feat. Riley Green)” (Dustin Lynch, Andy Albert, Hunter Phelps, Will Weatherly)
11. “Pasadena” (Dustin Lynch, Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tyndell)
12. “Not Every Cowboy” (Casey Brown, Parker Welling, Conner Smith, Heather Morgan)

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