Cross Atlantic Capture Their Wedding Day in “Just a Word”” CMT

With a romantic song like “Just a Word,” James Sinclair-Stott and Karli Chayne of country duo Cross Atlantic couldn’t resist incorporating their own story into their brand new video.

“The director Jon Karr is not a wedding videographer and I know he was quite petrified at messing up our wedding video,” Sinclair-Stott says. “We assured him it was definitely a music video and not a straight-up wedding video and I’m so glad we convinced him to do it because he captured the essence of the song and the day perfectly.”

Chayne adds, “It just so happened that it coincided with our engagement year so the evolution of the song felt like it went hand-in-hand with our wedding planning right from the start. We really thought there was only one thing we could do for the video and that was to combine this song that we lived and breathed for so long with the wedding. It was the most special day of our lives so we were very happy to share it with our closest friends and family and now getting to share it with all of you makes it that much better.”

Sinclair-Stott is from the United Kingdom, while Chayne grew up in Missouri — thus, the name Cross Atlantic. They met in a Nashville coffee shop in 2015 and married in 2019. “Just a Word” captures their love story.

“This song was over a year in the making,” Sinclair-Stott says. “It took multiple sessions with our good friend and frequent co-writer, Bryan Austin, to get it to say exactly what we wanted it to.”

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