Country Artists Show Off Their Liner Notes

Behind every great county singer there is a great country song. But, behind that great song there is also a group of about about a hundred people who come together that make that song sing. You know the ones. They’re all listed on the inside of the liner notes, if you still buy an occasional CD or vinyl record album. From the songwriters and the producers to the engineers and the musicians, it literally takes a village to get a hit song from the session to the stage.

And thanks to an initiative from the Recording Academy, country artists everywhere are chiming in with their thoughts on how it really does take a village and that they all need to #GiveCredit to every single person who works #BehindTheMusic.

Blake Shelton remarked that, “They deserve a big hell right for all the hard work they’ve put in.” And Luke Combs added, “These are the amazing people behind my album; thank y’all! Let’s celebrate creators who work behind the scenes & bring music credits back.”

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