CMT Weekly Roundup: Songs From Jason Aldean, Jordan Rowe, Chris Young, and More

CMT’s Weekly Roundup of new hits this week features a high-power country collaboration, plus a new single from a 2021 radio chart-topper and more.

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Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood – If I Didn’t Love You

Between them, duet partners Aldean and Underwood have 43 number one Billboard country singles. The uptempo, euphoric ballad “If I Didn’t Love You” is just released, but the incredible popularity of the tandem speaks well towards the potential for country radio success. Regarding the collaboration, Aldean noted during an appearance on Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen on Apple Music Country that Ujderwood was “an amazing singer [with] a lot of range.” He continued, “It’s really cool for me to get to work with people like that and sort of find my spot in the song to make my voice work with theirs and it’s been great.”

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Jordan Rowe and Lainey Wilson – Mama Ain’t Jesus

Jordan Rowe and Lainey Wilson are small-town-born country upstarts with earnest voices typically singing simple yet poignant lyrics. To wit, the hook “mama ain’t Jesus, but she’s a close second” fits the bill. Rowe tells Taste of Country that while taking a phone call at a songwriters’ bonfire gathering, the title emerged. “When I came back from talking to my mom, Lainey was like, ’Dang, boy, who you on the phone with — Jesus?’ And I was like, ‘No, it was my mom, but she’s a close second,’” Rowe says.

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Chris Young – Break Like You Do

In preparation for the August 6 release of his album Famous Friends, Chris Young returns with yet another album single, “Break Like You Do.” The yearning ballad laments a lost love that’s moved on — perhaps a step too quickly for the vocalist. With a chorus bearing the lyrics “I don’t drink like you do / I can’t just have one / ‘Cause I’m still drinkin’ ‘bout us / So I’ll probably get drunk,” it’s a heavy-hearted track that tugs with deep passion at frayed heartstrings.

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Presley & Taylor – 22 Red Flags

Sister tandem Presley & Taylor’s “22 Red Flags” is an ode to choosing a potentially problematic partner, even though they have what appear to be seemingly obvious flaws in their behavior and character. “Every time he took me out, he left his wallet back at home,” they say, over a driving break-beat and a hard-rocking lead guitar. “I saw 22 red flags flying in the wind,” they sing, in the type of song meant to be sang, loudly, back at the duo as they perform on stages from festivals to honkytonks and more.

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Natalie Hemby – Pins and Needles

Natalie Hemby has followed up her single “Heroes” with “Pins and Needles,” a piano-rocking remembrance about the balance of pain and pleasure in relationships. Singing about falling for someone and crawling on your hands and knees to them since you’ve been together is quite the powerful lyrical turn. Regarding how a song like this one came to be, as Hemby notes in a recent interview, “Just call me ’90’s Natalie.’ I almost landed a huge record deal when I was young [in the 1990s]. So during the pandemic, I focused on trying to, in some ways, make the records I never got the chance to make.”

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