Classic ’70 Ford F-250 Gets Rotisserie Restoration From Porsche Builder

1970 Ford F-250

Porsche and race car builders decide to try test their skills on an old Ford pickup and make it concours quality.

As classic Ford trucks become more and more collectible, we’re starting to see some pretty amazing restorations. Folks who normally wouldn’t have spent the time or money to give an old Ford the concours treatment are jumping the fence thanks to skyrocketing values. So we were obviously intrigued when we came across this 1970 Ford F-250 project that Ford Truck Enthusiasts member and Porsche builder flyn-hawn recently took on here in the forums.

“We have jumped into the deep end and decided to do some full tilt restorations on Ford stuff. I have been doing Porsche 911 restomods the past few years, and my partner has been building race cars. We went to Oregon and bought this 1970 F-250 from the original owners son. It only has 40k miles on it, but unfortunately water got into one cylinder and it was frozen when we bought it. So we were not able to drive it. We got it home and gave it a good look over, we couldn’t decide what to do with it. So we buffed the paint just to see what it would look like, and it looked amazing! After a couple days of talking and thinking, we decided to rebuild it mainly back to stock with a few tweaks.”

1970 Ford F-250

The process started out much like any other high-quality restoration. Which means a ton of disassembly and organizing things.

“First, we started disassembly of the truck and categorizing all the parts. We’re not throwing away anything yet unless it was actually falling apart in our hands. It did not take long to get it down to its bare bones. Once we got it completely disassembled and cleaned, the frame went out for sandblast and powdercoat. Since the truck was not running, we had no idea on what condition the driveline was in. So the transmission and transfer case went for a full rebuild. We knew the engine was frozen, so that went to the machine shop for all the machine work and to check the specs on it.”

1970 Ford F-250

We’re in the very early stages of this project. But we can already tell it’s going to be one well worth watching closely. So be sure and head over here to stay tuned for future progress. And watch this old Ford pickup receive the kind of top notch restoration normally reserved for high dollar cars!

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