Chris Stapleton, ‘White Horse’ Lyrics Describe a Smoldering Love

Chris Stapleton pleads for patience throughout “White Horse,” an explosive love song that finds the reigning Entertainer of the Year in rare form.

The snarl you pay good money to hear live dominates the blues-rock-inspired radio single from his upcoming Higher album. Fans of “Arkansas,” a gem from his Starting Over album, will find themselves reacting similarly, although this newest song isn’t quite so savage.

“White Horse” is a love song at its core. Dan Wilson helped Stapleton pen the efficient, 113-word (if you only count the chorus once) mood. Stapleton, Morgane Stapleton and Dave Cobb produced it and made a bold decision in dedicating significant time to solos, riffs and lyrical table-setting. Surely the radio version will be trimmed.

The plot of the story is, guy tells girl he needs more time to allow his heart to be unlocked. There is something he needs to do first, but the final line of the second verse makes it clear he wishes it wasn’t this way.

Perhaps there is a heartbreak he needs to move past? Maybe Stapleton is playing the role of a professional who understands work is his baby, thus when it comes to love he “ain’t there yet”?

Maybe it’s the ultimate bachelor party anthem and that “thing” is a sin-filled trip to Las Vegas. In film they call this a MacGuffin.

Maybe he’s allowing you to insert your own reason.

Did You Know?: On Monday, Stapleton’s Traveller album notched its 428th week on the Billboard Top Country Album chart. It sits at No. 17.

Listen To Chris Stapleton, “White Horse”:

Chris Stapleton, “White Horse” Lyrics:

This love is getting kinda dangerous / Feels like it’s a loaded gun / My mind, it’s turning like a cloud of dust / My heart always wants to run.

Oh Oh Oh / If you want a cowboy on a white horse / Riding off into the sunset / If that’s the kinda love you wanna wait for / Hold on tight girl I ain’t there yet / No I ain’t there yet / No I ain’t there yet.

White Horse.

Someday maybe you could have your way / Right now’s just not the time / Some things a man’s just got to do / I wish you could change my mind.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus


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