How to Mow Breathtaking Patterns Into Your Lawn

Your house can be the showstopper on the block with the right equipment and a few hours of work on your lawn. Eye-catching patterns mowed into lawns have become popular thanks to a series of recent tutorials shared on social media. Some of these patterns were only thought to be part of designs at golf […]

John Cena Stuns Fans With Shocking Live Retirement Announcement

On Saturday night’s (July 7) WWE Money in the Bank Event in Toronto, John Cena took center ring and made a surprising announcement to the thousands in attendance. John Cena Leaves Fans Stunned After Shocking Announcement As the Money in the Bank Pay Per View Event was just beginning tonight, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus surprised […]

Gretchen Wilson Finds a Buyer for Stunning Tennessee Home

Gretchen Wilson has found a buyer for her luxurious home in rural Tennessee, and the new owner will be getting a “little slice of Heaven,” according to the listing. The “Redneck Woman” singer listed her 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2,225-square-foot house for sale for $625,000 on May 31, and the luxurious home received multiple offers immediately after going on […]

Top 10 Independence Day Songs

Nothing brings out the patriotism in us like Independence Day, and nobody loves the red, white and blue like country music stars. Everyone from the legendary Johnny Cash to Charlie Daniels, Phil Vassar and Lee Greenwood have shown the world that they’re true Americans by singing their hearts out about the country they love, and we’ve […]

What it Means if You See a McDonald’s With Turquoise Arches

The McDonald’s logo remains one of the most recognizable not only among fast food restaurants, but all brand names. The chain’s trademark “golden arches” lets fast food-seekers know what they’re going to get. But what happens if those arches are no longer golden? Where Is There a McDonald’s With Turquoise Arches? Some things you just […]

Dog Almost Ruins Ree Drummond’s Daughter’s Gender Reveal!

The Pioneer Woman Rea Drummond’s daughter recently shared the news on social media that she and her husband were expecting their first child. Now, they’re sharing a gender reveal that was hilariously nearly ruined by the couple’s adorable Golden Retriever, George. “We can’t wait to meet you, little one,” she wrote on Instagram. “Baby Scott joining the party this […]

McDonald’s Says These Menu Items Are Gone For Good

We regret to inform you may never see some of your McDonald’s favorites again. The fast food chain recently revealed it has no plans to bring back some of its previous menu items. Why McDonald’s Is Dropping Menu Items? McDonald’s a fairly predictable menu no matter what location you stop at any time of the […]

Watch Zach Bryan Sing With the ‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl in Nashville

Zach Bryan‘s Quittin’ Time Tour swung through Nashville on Saturday night (June 29), delivering plenty of unforgettable moments for the crowd. Kacey Musgraves even made a special appearance to sing her Grammy-winning hit duet with Bryan, “I Remember Everything.” But the biggest surprise guest of the night wasn’t even a country singer at all. During […]

30 Mood-Boosting Country Songs According to Taste of Country Fans

If there’s one thing we love about music, it’s that it speaks to our soul. Music can offer us the words we’re struggling to find, it can soothe our aching hearts and it can rile up a crowd. And country music is no exception. So we asked our country music fans on social media to […]

Willie Nelson To Miss Three More Outlaw Music Festival Tour Stops

Willie Nelson provided a significant health update in canceling his appearance at three upcoming tour stops. The 91-year-old will not be at Outlaw Music Festival Tour stops scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June 28-30) in New York and New Jersey. Nelson first revealed health issues would keep him from joining the tour last week. […]