Carrie Underwood’s Been Brushing Up on Her Spanish Skills

Carrie Underwood took a step out of her comfort zone earlier in December, when she sang in Spanish for the first time ever on “Tears of Gold,” her duet with Spanish star David Bisbal.

Not only did the pop collaboration give Underwood a chance to broaden her horizons, but it also reinvigorated her interest in learning a second language. She shared during a recent press event that she had to dust off her high school Spanish skills to record the song.

“I did, and am continuing to do so,” she explains. “I did take Spanish in high school, [and] I took Spanish in college. I feel like having a musical brain can lend itself to being able to learn another language. Ever since being able to work with David, that’s something that’s kind of reignited a little bit of that desire in me. So I have been trying to remember what I learned and build on it.”

Underwood goes on to say that when she first heard “Tears of Gold,” she instantly gravitated toward her duet partner’s vocals.

“He’s obviously just got this incredible big voice, and the first time I listened to the song I was walking around for a couple of weeks afterwards singing it. I was like, ‘Well, that’s a good sign, it’s in my head after listening to it once or twice,'” she adds.

Plus, the song represented a new step for both her and Bisbal, as each performer did some singing in the other’s language while recording the song.

“The fact that he wanted to sing in English and I wanted to sing in Spanish, it was such a cool synergy that happened,” she continues. “… So it was such a cool thing to be a part of, two artists stepping outside of their comfort zones to make music, it was a really cool experience. It was a lot of fun, too.”

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