Bunnie Xo Responds to Backlash for Metal Singer ‘Hall Pass’ Video

Jelly Roll‘s wife, entertainer Bunnie Xo, can’t believe fans fell for her metalcore icon “hall pass” video, which features metal vocalist Chris Motionless.

Bunnie uploaded a TikTok meeting the Motionless in White frontman backstage before one of the band’s recent performances. She slowed the footage down, wrote “When you finally get to meet your hall pass” in the video and added Celine Dion‘s “The Power of Love” in the background for a dramatic effect.

“You could say we’re in love now,” Bunnie wrote as the caption for the clip, and tagged Motionless.

Apparently, Jelly Roll is the one who set the meeting up. He commented, “Bout time,” on the video with laughing emojis, and Bunnie replied, “Wait ’til they figure out you made this happen… or should we let them sweat it out a little more?”

Some Fans Apparently Thought the TikTok Was Serious

It seems as though some took the joke seriously, as the TikTok had some negative comments on it. Because what would the internet be without people ruining the fun?

“Amazing show of respect for Jelly Roll,” one person wrote.

“Damn but what about my man Jelly Roll,” added another.

Bunnie Addressed the Negative Comments on Social Media

Bunnie has since shared multiple posts on her Facebook addressing the comments.

“So many people offended & upset about my ‘hall pass’ video. When my husband and I are just giggling over it. Sorry y’all aren’t comfortable in your own skin and too insecure to let your s/o joke around. I’d hate to live in a cage like that. Y’all forget my husband is my bestfriend & love of my life,” she wrote in a post with a screenshot of her and Jelly Roll texting about the TikTok.

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“Half the things I say & do are a JOKE. Satire. If you don’t know the definition look it up & while you’re at it, look up the word personality. Maybe it will help some of y’all find one.”

She wrote another post afterward about when Jelly Roll met his “crush,” pop star Taylor Swift, and said that “everyone swooned” over it.

“But his wife, an outspoken blonde meets hers & omg what a wh*re! We feel so bad for Jelly blah blah blah. I didn’t even hug dude lmao – I shook his hand & y’all kno how much I hate shaking hands,” she asserted.

“If anything I just promoted the HELL outta Motionless in White w over 10 MILLION views across all platforms haha. Just saying the double standards in society are WILD.”

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