Brantley Gilbert Releases Video For “The Worst Country Song of All Time”

Brantley Gilbert’s 2021 released single “The Worst Country Song Of All Time” could take the cake as one of country music’s most tongue-in-cheek song titles in recent memory. But there’s something to the name’s playfulness as more songs than ever are emerging into the pop consciousness from Music City, which has led to a number of them sharing some lyrical and subject similarities. Gilbert, a veteran in the genre, highlights this notion in a rather humorous manner making the single one of country’s musical highlights of the year to date. Now, there’s a Brian Vaughn-directed video attached to the song’s unlikely rise.

The video is streamable via his Facebook page by clicking here.

The success of Gilbert’s collaboration with HARDY and Toby Keith’s is surprising to Gilbert, as he notes, “I honestly never thought we’d get this far with this song. It really started as a goofy idea that we were having fun with, and we’ve been glad to bring a laugh to folks this summer after such a rough year.”

Regarding his new material, which we presume — either jokingly or otherwise — will not be “The Worst Country Song Of All Time,” Gilbert notes via a press release: “We’ve had a lot of great writes over the last few months. We got outside of our box a little bit. As artists and writers, we have a group of people that we’re extremely comfortable writing with, that we know we’re going to be productive with and we know what kind of song we’re going write. But we branched out a little bit and wrote with some folks we haven’t written with before, just to see what would happen and what would come out of it.” In final, he adds, “I have to say, I’m extremely proud of what we got on the way.”

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