Bobby Bones Show’s Lunchbox ‘Creeped’ on Lauren Alaina, Draws Ire for Posting Secret Photos

Lauren Alaina called out Bobby Bones Show radio personality Lunchbox for creating a “weird” situation on Wednesday morning when the married father of three tweeted a series of photos of the singer from behind while she dined at Chipotle alone.

Lunchbox documented Alaina’s every move, even detailing in his Tweet how she spilled her drink and was kind to a restaurant employee when the person helped clean it up.

Lunchbox wrote that he “creeped from the corner.”

He never spoke to Alaina and his snaps drew attention to her backside, which neither she or other women, appreciated.

“I feel like saying hi would have been a lot less weird than booty pics. Lol,” Alaina wrote.

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Others on social media chimed in:

“She’s a great person and I’m sure she would have been more than happy to say “hi” if you had tried, taking pictures of her backside as a “celeb sighting” is just ludicrous and inappropriate. Do better. 🤦🏻‍♀‍” offered @steff_becca.

@kellyb_f chimed in: LB please don’t take pics of women when they don’t know..especially from behind. I love you…but come on

More responses included @heyyyhayyy who offered, “There’s still time to delete this..”
@connieglise added Very rude and creepy. And @donaldb2986 suggested, “This is real weird. You should catch a charge for this.”

Six hours after he posted it, the tweet was still there.

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