Blake Shelton Surprises a Blake Shelton Tribute Band

Blake Shelton tribute band Blake Nation got the surprise of a lifetime last month, while they were at the Tishimingo, Okla. location of Shelton’s bar and venue, Ole Red.

The band, who’ve been playing Shelton covers together since 2017, were scheduled to play a sold-out Ole Red show celebrating the country superstar’s birthday, which is on June 18. It had become something of a tradition for Blake Nation to play a birthday show at the venue, but the bandmates had never gotten a chance to meet Shelton himself — until now, they explain to Country Now.

“Three years ago, because of one of [our] fans, we were invited to play Ole Red for Blake’s birthday. We sold the place out and, of course, hoped to meet him,” the band recounts. “This dream had not become a reality until this weekend.”

Blake Nation is comprised of David Newton (who goes by “Fake Blake”), Kymber Newton (Vocals), Robert Han (Guitar, Banjo), Dave Powell (Lead Guitar), Jesse McCall (Bass), Phillip Walker (Keyboard), and Quay Cooke (Drums.) The guys were hanging out in their green room and eating before the show, they go on to explain, when they heard a knock on the door.

“A couple of us looked at each other puzzled because who would be knocking at this door?” they recall. “Our bass player, [Jesse], got up, unlocked and opened the door. Then we all hear a man say, ‘What kind of bulls–t party is this?’ And in walks Blake Shelton.”

It was an unforgettable experience for the bandmates and Blake superfans, who say that the experience was even more memorable because of how gracious and kind Shelton was throughout the night. In fact, the superstar hit it off in particular with his “Fake” counterpart, the band goes on to say.

““David and Blake walked up the street like they had been friends for years,” they said.

“After all the pictures were taken, Blake Shelton let us know that he would be back some time and to keep doing a great job!” Blake Nation adds, saying that Shelton added, “I like it when y’all play my music, it actually sounds like it should.”

Shelton celebrated his 45th birthday in 2021. It was a particularly exciting one for the country singer, as his wedding date to pop icon Gwen Stefani is fast-approaching: In fact, leading into the July 4th holiday weekend, the pair had reportedly already filed for a marriage license, meaning that they have 10 days to wed. Celebrity news site TMZ reported Saturday (July 3) as a possible wedding date, but there is no official word from the couple themselves.

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